Coffee Break Adventures: Sage Solitaire


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Sage Solitaire is a new Solitaire variant game that takes the luck and calm of solitaire and blends it with the skill and decision making of Poker. There are five different modes of game-play, one of which requires careful strategy lest you get locked out of it permanently! The easy to learn rules and simple, stylish graphics make for pleasant, casual fun. 


  •  The full game includes five different game modes to choose from, each different enough to be entertaining.
  • Simple rules make the game quick to learn and easy to pick up and put down.
  • Choices of several backgrounds and card backings allow for a small amount of customisation.
  • Low level animation of the cards, which can be turned on and off, adds to the aesthetic.
  • True Grit mode is a unique challenge that keeps things interesting.


  • Two of the game modes require paying to unlock, as do the wallpapers and card backings.
  • The free version includes ads which can be frustrating in such a short game.
  • The sounds, though simple, can be quite annoying.
  • If played more than just casually it can quickly be repetitive.


Sage Solitaire is a creative, entertaining little puzzle game, with enough different game modes to keep the casual player entertained. The freemium model isn’t too obnoxious and unnecessary to get full enjoyment out of the game. A perfect coffee break adventure.



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