PostKnight Matt, PostKnight Matt..

PostKnight Matt- Deliveries & Combat!

-Please Note, PostKnight is currently still in beta and all is subject to change!-

In RPG fantasy worlds, a hero always rises up against the troubles and the evils of the land. But before this hero is even done clearing the tavern basement of rats, or once their days are filled with dragons and evil sorcerers, how does daily life go on against the general perils? Towns can’t just shut down until their merchants are able to finally get that ore they need from the mountain town without getting murdered by bandits, so who deals with making sure they go on? Enter the Postknight.


In the in-development rpg game by Kurechii, you play as a postknight; it’s your job to make sure packages and post makes it between the towns of Kurestal Kingdom. But, naturally, the first town you have to deliver to is devoid of people- they’ve all fled town after dragon rumours – except for the weak and elderly town chief. And since you can’t do your job if the people are all missing, and Chief Merrick is to old to travel the dangerous surrounding lands seeking out the people of the poor Pompon, it’s fallen on you to semi rise up and get all the people back.

Why the heck have do your people think they’re SAFER in the wolf-infested surroundings?

And so starts the tutorial- and the start of your epic quest. The tutorial is pretty thorough, introducing the combat and ability systems one by one in a really well done way but without being frustratingly long or controlling.

As you progress through your journey you’ll finally become a proper post knight and start opening up randomised side quest deliveries, notice board requests and time trials, all of which are very well done – but unimportant to the main story. To me, even the main questline seems like perhaps it’s trying to be casual and unimportant, which seems contradictory since one of the more charming features has a daily-decay.

This system is a Harvest Moon reminiscent romance feature, a super cute addition that lets you become closer with the ladies of the lands by giving them a gift every day to every few hours. Give them gifts often enough and they will give you things in return. However, give them the wrong gifts and you may make them mad. Or, as I mentioned above, in a weirdly directed choice the friendship will decay if you don’t visit them often enough.

Like Rune Factory, except without the farming.

The gameplay systems are pretty simplistic; from upgrading your potions, to your armour, to your stats, everything is quite pared down. In fact, everything Postknight does, it does in a easy to digest way. You can drop in and out for ten minutes here and there throughout the day and still have an enjoyable experience without devoting much thought to it. Really, for the casual gamer or young gamer, this is going to be an excellent game.

But as someone who spends a lot of time playing mobile games I found the simple gameplay to soon become repetitive and boring, being too linear and lacking in personalisation and choice. And sadly, with the story being a little weak asofar, I found myself lacking a hook and running out of interest in a couple of days. Hopefully, as they add more features, the game will becoming more exciting. Hopefully, one of those features will let me change my armour without having to walk to the blacksmith every time.

Soundtrack: Well fitted, if unmemorable. 6.5/10
Story: To me, weak. I had to restart the game just to remember what was going on. 5?/10
Gameplay from the perspective of simplicity and polish for the casual gamer: 8/10
Gameplay from the perspective of a RPG and JRPG-Mobile customisation addict: 5/10
Desire to make all the girls love me: 8/10
Completionist-Collector Factor: 6.5/10
Total: I’d say for most people, a solid 7.5 or so out of 10. Personally, though, closer to a 6.

TLDR; With the simple and well executed gameplay, good spread of rpg like things to do, fitting if unmemorable music and the adorable and well polished art/animation style, Postman ranks pretty high in my books as a pick up and play casually game. I’d advise it to anyone who wants to fill that 20 minute daily commute. However, If you’re looking for something with a bit more substance and at least a somewhat compelling story, look elsewhere. Also, you can’t change your armour without going to the Blacksmith??

If you’re interested in playing the open beta, you can download it from the Google Play Store Here or apply for the iOS beta here.
You can keep up with the game’s progress on the related twitter here.


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