My Coffee Brings all the Senpais to the School Yard

Have you ever found yourself playing Neko Atsume, left cold and unloved by vying desperately for the attention of cats, and wishing for a game where they would love you back?
Or maybe watching your favourite Anime, Ouran High Host Club, and thinking “I wish Honey-Senpai Would notice me~”.
Maybe you’re just really amused by the idea of having a bunch of anime sterotypes all in love with you because you let them hug your teddy bear while you pet their face.
If you thought yes to any of the above, then SkillShot Labs have created the game for you!
For TL:DR Review click here! Otherwise read on!

In Notice Me Senpai! You are the first ever girl accepted into an elite (previously) all boy’s school and in order to help make all the boys love you cover the school fees, you’ve taken on managing the third-year’s cafe.

Gameplay is simple and familiar, very much in the style of other “collect-the-character” games. You place furniture and items to attract the Senpais’ to your cafe, serve hot coffee and then rake in money and the occasional gem to buy more items. Pretty soon your cafe will be pretty darn popular.


Much like in other, similar games, each senpai has certain combinations of items that give them a better chance of appearing, or that they require to appear. If you open the app while they’re visiting your cafe, you’ll greet them, which makes them visible in the “senpai list” and starts building a relationship with them. Naturally, as your clients come to visit day after day, they can’t help but be drawn in by your charms, cool cafe and delicious coffee, and begin to fall in love with you.


This results in a number of cute little features. At two hearts, you can choose a nickname for your senpai. At three hearts, they might leave you a note.

At at four to five hearts (hint, some special senpais’ have two..) you’ll get a CG of them confessing their undieing devotion to you and only you.
…And.. you can then.. pet.. their.. face.

Despite the semi weirdness, Notice Me Senpai! is pretty cute, amusing and mildly addictive. The background music is pleasantly upbeat without being overly irritating for the few minutes every couple of hours to couple of times a day you’ll have the game open.

The CG’s and letters add an extra level of collection to the normal collection game for the completionist pleasure in you. There’s daily rewards just for opening the game each day, usually of coffee beans or gems to make playing easier. And as your senpais’ visit a lot, or via friend affiliation or ad watching, you’ll be able to save up gems to expand your cafe, put in premium items, pretty up the background of your cafe and dress up Senpai in a cute new outfit. Each Senpai even has an item they’ll interact with differently.

And if you find yourself somehow entirely having gotten everything, no need to despair, the developers update often – generally once a month if not more – with new features, cg’s and senpais. One of the newest features being the unlocking of special birthday CG’s for each senpai.


If you pick up the game and find yourself enjoying it, go check out the developer’s tumblr or facebook where they often post up “Senpai Stories”- short storiesĀ  to fill out the back stories and relationships within the game. I was suprised to find myself enjoying it more and sucked back in after reading the stories and getting more of a taste for their personalities.

The developers also hold regular contests, generally art based, with prizes recently including gems and real life merchandise! You can also buy the aforementioned merchandise on their store envy.

Soundtrack; Upbeat without being too obnoxious. 6/10
Story; Needs to be more included in the actual game, maybe in pop up little stories, and less on the tumblr, then I’d be drawn into the senpais more. 5/10
Gameplay; For the sort of game it is, it has a lot of features. 7.5/10
Humor factor of rubbing Honey Senpai’s face till he loves me. 8/10
Completionist Addiction Factor. 8/10
Banner Ads. -1/10
Total; 6.5 – 7/10. Worth 5 minutes of your time every few hours for a week or two before it gets too repetitive.
TLDR / In Closing; if you’re a completionist with five minutes every few hours to waste who wants to laugh as they pet the faces of anime boys, or if you want senpai to notice you, you’ll probably enjoy this game. If you need something more than just occasionally poking the faces, it’ll probably fall short for you!
You can download the game for IOS or Android.

If you download it, affiliate me! My ID is 5kCDEj!


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